HOT SEAT-The All in Game!!-Chapter 1!


Having completed 15 + years in being an entrepreneur that too mainly in the startup Arena,I’m blessed with enormous amount of experiences in terms of People,Process and Progress.

I thought of recording all those experiences not in any specific order,as i tend to forget all those moments which made me who i am in the process of moving ahead!!

If this series is of any use to any one of you,i would be very happy to continue this as my weekly routine!

Where to Start?-The All-In Game!!

Great Entrepreneurs are born out of their Passion in whatever they do!-While i believe this completely,I also believe they are born out of their sheer Necessity!

For me it all started out of necessity.I fortunately neither had a comfort nor have any other options to get it apart from making my own!

When i started my first business in the age of 17,i was in need of pocket money and i couldn’t get it from my parents for a simple reason there is nothing called “Pocket Money” known to them.

Honestly,back then i havent have any great vision or passion on things, apart from the pasion i had towards making big money!


My first three businesses,I was able to complete the POC(Proof of Concept that the business is commercially viable to do)and reached the Operational Break Even.But unfortunately i never had guts nor visibility to scale it as i become too comfortable on the Breakeven Stuff!!

One common thing i have seen in all wannabe entrepreneurs is,They have an idea and they believe it can become a reality!!Many of my friends who choose not to become an entrepreneur only because of the fear of moving out of comfort zone!

Many of us assume moving out of comfort zone is just about leaving a comfortable job/life.some of my friends did that.but unfortunately they couldn’t withstand for 6 months at maximum as they we’re constantly comparing their earlier comfort with their current uncertain moments.

The most common reasons they attributed for the failure of their business was:

1/Market doesn’t understand!

2/No Proper Support from Partners

3/No one was willing to fund the Project

4/Customers are not willing to Pay

5/Competitors are offering things free,where the ability of making money is next to impossible.

6/Superiority of my Product is not appriciated by the users!

Leaving the comfort zone is all about preparing yourself to get into uncomfortable situations always!!

Uncomfortable situation doesnt mean you having one meal instead of three meal,or you choose to walk instead of taking the public transport,you working from a garage as you dont have ability to pay rents!!

Believe me,there are millions in this world who does all the above without even thinking that its an uncomfortable thing to do!

For me uncomfortable means,

You realising that your plan is wrong when someone says that to you,

You understanding there is someone else in your team who can do better things than the way you do,

You being proven wrong by someone on something which you believe completely right.

You having a super agressive collegue/partner/sub-ordinate whose speed of executions frightens you!

you knowing your competitor has raised 5 X Money than you and you don’t have anything near to match him!

You accepting to yourself,that you are not the leader your organisation needs and you need to prepare yourself as if you are starting afresh!!

It took 10 Years for me to understand that,

1/if you wanna make it BIG,you need to do it at any cost regardless of the reasons!

2/Regardless of how many Partners/Co-founders you have Each one of you should feel you are individually responsible for any failure

3/No one in this world is waiting to help/support/sponsor/push you and your company to glory!!its you and only you who can and who only can do it!

4/Market/Comptitors/Pricing in all these you should prepare yourself to expect the unexpected!!!if you attribute any external reasons for your failure you aren’t an entrepreneur!!

5/Watch yourself constantly and the moment you feel you are getting comfortable,you should become restless and start working on things which puts you back in track!!

At last,winning this is all about playing ALL IN!!

So if you wanna be an entrepreneur,the first and foremost thing i want you to realise and ingrain it on yourself is

“Its ALL IN game you are playing and you are prepared to Play alone as long as it takes”

let me know your views on this!

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