Hot Seat-Focus!-Chapter-3!!

The Process of Validation often puts us in a place,where we are wired with too much information which makes us to believe you are gonna be the Next Amazon,Alibaba,Rakuten,Flipkart,Walmart, and at times ALL PUT TOGETHER”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

While that gives a very different High,it also puts us in a very different mindset which is kinda dangerous not only at the personal level but also on the Organisational Level.

My grand father often refer this state of mind as the “Street Dog Mindset” in a sarcastic manner(Pun Intended)!!!

Please don’t waste time in educating me on how great Dog as an Animal is and Don’t push me to apologise for referring them here!!!😏😏😏(Now a days intolerance has become a norm!!)

“If you see the street dogs,from early morning to late evening it feel like they are always busy,you can’t find them in one single place,Every 10 Mins its common for them to move from one place to another and it just stays there for sometime and move to another place again, which he refers that it often does it without any purpose”

Similar to that,because we have too much information, and majority of the times we get into this learning process,suddenly we start believing that we are having plan for everything and start visualising everything is gonna happen as per the plan and start believing on to something which will put us into an impractical Mode without even we knowing about it.and the worst part of it is we will start correcting others,fighting with people in proving our points,spending time in presenting ourselves as a thought leader and even start advising others on what do do and what not to do just based on the theorey which we believe is right,because of our conviction!!!that too without even start executing the plan!! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„and the entire thing is not even worth a rupee for us to spend time on!!

Forget about me quoting someone,i was on to this this mindset every now and then till very recent times,which in my view is one of the worst quality for a leader!!

Leader set the tone for the entire organisation!!If he/she miss FOCUS,the entire organisation is gonna miss it completely!!

Being focused is equal to being in war zone!unless you have a conviction to have the full control on whatever is happening around you that moment you can’t win!!

We tend to get into the “what big deal”mode includes checking our phone frequently when there is an important meeting going on,following cricket or food ball scores in middle of work,speaking irrelevant things to people when they have been called to discuss on particluar agenda,or not even prepared for the discussion but being part of it just to make your presence felt.

i remember the statement of Muhammed Ali!-one of the greatest Boxers in the history of boxing!!

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.

it is never about that particular eureka moment which makes you win!!its the behind that very precise moment,how well we are prepared in capitalising that moment defines the way we win!!

Preperation needs contineous Focus!

I have seen and heard of many leaders,whom people are shit scared in meeting them and speaking to them without preparation,for a reason that they are so so focused and they don’t allow people to speak gross!!!I have personally seen District collectors Preparing Overnight like exams,for a Presentation to the Chief Minister as that Particular Chief Minister was Super focused,where in every Word uttered in his meetings are choosen very carefully!

The point what im trying to emphasise is,unless you advocate the culture of being focused in your organisation,you can’t get people to common point and collective objective.

In order for your to be the torch bearer of that,you need to demonstrate time and again your ability in being focused!!!

There is a huge huge difference between plan and reality!!I haven’t seen or heard from one successful leader that whatever he planned has happened!!

And when things get into execution mode,unless you have a razor focus,the probability of you not making it is much much higher than you making it happen!!!

The difference in Visualisation Vs Execution is,you Don’t have limits in Visualising,but You have so much of limitations when it comes to executing the same!!!Focus is the only thing which helps you to see thru those Limitations in making the Dream to Reality!!

I have seen leaders,who has an ability to visualise a “Larger than Life” Project but just couldn’t execute because of the lack of focus in their approach.

In order your Dream to become Reality,unless you have an ability to compartmentalise the whole journey,and make the people connected to their particular part,you are not gonna make it!

The whole compartmentalising process itself needs lots of focus as thats the process which defines the way forward steps and the right owners for those identified steps!

What i exactly mean by Focus is!!

1.No beating around the bush Conversations

2.Make people understand your objective behind, and what you intend to achieve!

3.Don’t encourage time wasting meetings,discussions.

3.Prepare and update yourself contineously,as it helps you to remain in focus

4.Plan and compartmentalise!

5.Monitor it in regular intervals without fail!

6.Communicate constantly on the Progress,Delays and deviations!

7.Cultivate “TO THE POINT” discussion

8.Encourage Focussed People than Sweet Talkers!

9.Encourage Punctuality,Timely response,and clear communication inside the organisation!!

10.identify people with focus, and Celebrate them!!unless you very clearly differentiate the values you won’t get more people getting into it!

Essentially you need to cut all the crap if you want your organisation is on a high growth trajectory!!

to cut all the crap you should know how to differentiate whats crap and whats not!!

Being focused helps you big time in doing that!!!

While I am completely in line with the Larger thought process,i very strongly believe without focus achieveing even 25% of the dream/Vision or Plan is next to impossible!!

Great Leaders not only Preach but they demonstrate the benefits of what they preach by following it meticulously!!!

People around you can adopt to whatever you say only when they see how dramatically it improves their performance and personality if they adopt it!!


Share me your views on this!!

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